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Bookmark and Share  Which one do u prefer New Zealander Haka or Australian Jenneke Jenneke?! Is Michelle Jenneke The Sexiest Hurdler Ever? Michelle Jenneke and her sexy pre-race routine set my heart ablaze... Prepare for Michelle Jenneke's rise to internet popularity in 3, 2, 1...GO! Michelle Jenneke, a young Australian hurdler, is taking the Internet by storm with her performance during scarlett johansson unaltered , stolen photos , scarlett johansson stolen pictures , scarlett johansson leaked photo , scarlett johansson stolen , scarlett johansson nude , scarlett johansson leaked , scarlett johansson leaked photos , scarlett johansson stolen pics , scarlett johansson hacked photos , scarlett johansson nude photos , scarlett johansson hacked , scarlett johansson leak , scarlett johansson leaked nude , scarlett johansson photo leak, scarlett johansson leaked nude photos, scarlett johansson nakedthe IAAF World Junior Championship in Barcelona. But while she completely dominated her first women's 100-meter hurdle final, it's Jenneke's warm up dance that's making her famous around the Web.

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Jenneke's fame continues to spread, and the
Australian media aren't holding back on her routine, calling the teenager's warm-up ''sexy'' and claiming that she's ''set hearts ablaze.'' 
''Fans are confident this is only the beginning, and expect to see the [Jenneke] wiggling -- and racing -- at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016," Sky News reported. Australian news also added details about the track starlet's personal life. According to News.co.au, Jenneke is a Sydney-area native from the northwest suburb of Kenthurst. Apart from hurdling, her hobbies include Australian football, soccer, handball and taking care of her pet cats and dogs. "As far back as she can remember, [Jenneke] has had a passion for hurdling, even lining up teddy bears for jumping practice at her parent’s home when she was very young," the News Limited wrote.

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