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Bookmark and Share After Montana Fishburne's vividWatch Tila Tequila's tape and Tila Tequila's tapeWatch Tila Tequila's tape... now Kendra Wilkinson's Sex Tape Revealed (Watch Down Side)... Kendra Wilkinson may need to turn the camera off. Wilkinson, whose sex tape with high school boyfriend Justin Frye hit the airwaves in May 2010, is in another sex tape from the same era...The video is shot by Frye himself. 
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Wilkinson made a public effort to block the publication of the sex tape last year, but it was soon revealed, again by Radar, that she had actually set up a company in 2008 to sell multiple sex tapes to the highest bidder. The former Playmate and Girls Next Door star made $680,000 for the video and half of the profits that was eventually released by Vivid Entertainment. Whether this one sees the light of day -- and perhaps how much Wilkinson is paid for it -- remains to be seen. Wilkinson is married to NFL player Hank Baskett.

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