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Jeff Gordon Matt Kenseth crash video Bookmark and Share Nascar'ın Bristol ile birlikte en kısa iki pistinden 0,533 millik Martinsville'deki STP Gas Booster 500 küçük sürtüşmeler ve 1 yangın dışında sakin geçti denilebilir. 500 turun 346'sını lider geçen Jimmie Johnson #48 Chevrolet'si ile Damalı Bayrağı gördü... 

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#15 Clint Bowyer (Toyota) ikinci, #24 Jeff Gordon (Chevrolet) üçüncü olurken #5 Kasey Kahne (Chevrolet), #18 Kyle Busch (Toyota), #2 Brad Keselowski (Ford), #1 Jamie McMurray (Chevrolet), #9 Marcos Ambrose (Ford), # 16 Greg Biffle (Ford), #11 Mark Martin  (Toyota) Top10'u tamamladı. #10 Danica Patrick (Chevrolet) 12. bitirdi.

Lap 500 Checkered Flag: Johnson is your STP Gas Booster 500 winner, his eighth career victory at Martinsville Speedway.

top teen of the night videoLap 499 White Flag: Johnson has it for the taking.

Lap 498 Staying out seemed to be the right call for top cars.

Lap 495 Bowyer has his work cut out for him to get in front of Jimmie.

Lap 494 Johnson holding strong to top spot.

Lap 491 Green Flag: Johnson, Bowyer, Gordon, Busch, Kahne after restart. Top 13 cars stayed out.

Lap 488 Kurt Busch had a problem with the brakes, causing a six-minute red flag.

Lap 488 Caution Flag: Getting ready to get back to racing. 4:53 P.M. ETKurt Busch is okay after being checked out.

Lap 487 Red Flag: Crew on the track to do some cleanup.

Lap 486 The No. 78 car was engulfed in flames. Just a tough day for Busch.

Lap 485 Caution Flag: Kurt Busch on fire.

Lap 484 Bowyer closing in on Gordon for second.

Lap 480 Teammates Stewart, Patrick battling for 16th.

Lap 476 Johnson just ran his fastest Lap of the day.

Lap 471 Green Flag: Johnson, Bowyer, Gordon, Busch, Kahne.

Lap 467 Junior now two Laps down.

Lap 466 Vickers rubbed Danica into Junior, causing the No. 88 to spin out.

Lap 464 Caution Flag: Earnhardt spins out on turn four.

Lap 463 Ambrose back up to 10th after spending time as low as 21st.

Lap 457 Green Flag: Johnson, Gordon, Bowyer, Busch, Kahne

Lap 453 No. 83 back in the race.

Lap 451 If it holds true, a Hendrick victory -- its 20th at the track -- would break a tie with Petty Enterprises for most ever at Martinsville.

Lap 447 Caution Flag: Vickers has a flat left rear tire. No. 27 the beneficiary.

Lap 441 Look at that. Three Hendrick cars lead this race with 59 to go.

Lap 435 Running order: 48-5-15-24-18-20-1-2-55-29.

Lap 431 JGR and Hendrick drivers have won 17 of last 22 Martinsville races. They've also led all but two Laps today.

Lap 424 More trouble for Newman: flat tire.

Lap 416 Not inconceivable to think Danica might secure a top-10 finish today. She's been steadily moving up. Right now -- 17th.

Lap 411 Junior struggling. Not looking good for the points leader -- currently 18th.

Lap 404 Danica is on verge of breaking the top 20. Today has to be considered a success for her in Martinsville debut.

Lap 396 A little bit of retaliation bumping going on between Almirola, Logano.

Lap 381 Kahne up to second behind his teammate.

Lap 378 New leader: Jimmie.

Lap 377 Schrader, Stremme doing a little bumping.

Lap 374 No. 78 back in the race.

Lap 370 Menard into Martin into Junior into Danica. No caution.

Lap 367 Green Flag: Johnson, Kenseth, Busch, Kahne, Vickers.

Lap 363 Johnson is the new leader.

Lap 360 Caution Flag: No. 39 with a flat tire on the back straightaway.

Lap 357 Danica is ahead of Dale Jr. I repeat: Danica is ahead of Dale Jr.

Lap 353Kenseth has led more Laps today -- 87 -- than his previous 26 starts at Martinsville. Combined.

Lap 350 No. 78 to the garage.

Lap 346 Gordon sneaks back into the top 10. Currently in ninth, behind Bowyer.

Lap 339 McMurray trying to secure his first top-five finish in a year and a half. Currently sixth.

Lap 333 And just like that, back down to 16th for Stewart.

Lap 327 Paul Menard, currently eighth in points, sits 23rd in this race.

Lap 321 Logano, Stewart battling for 11th.

Lap 318 Laps led update: Johnson 209, Busch 56, Kenseth 54.

Lap 312 Current top five: Kenseth, Johnson, Busch, Keselowski, Earnhardt. Heavy hitters.

Lap 308 Danica battling Biffle toward the rear end of the lead  Lap.

Lap 301 Earnhardt hanging tough in fifth place.

Lap 297 Green Flag: Busch, Kenseth, Johnson, Keselowski, McMurray.

Lap 292 Caution Flag: Kurt Busch spins.

Lap 290 Out of nowhere, Stewart now up to seventh. Logano eighth.

Lap 287 Green Flag: Busch, Kenseth, Keselowski, Johnson, McMurray

Lap 281 Truex heads to the garage.

Lap 279 Caution Flag: Truex Jr. spins in turn three.

Lap 275 Ambrose, Vickers started 2-3. Currently 14-13, respectively.

Lap 270 Stewart-Haas racers Stewart/Newman in top 10. Danica 23rd.

Lap 264 New Leader: Kyle Busch.

Lap 262 Kurt Busch has a left front tire down, but no caution.

Lap 259 Green Flag: Kenseth, Keselowski, Busch, Johnson, Junior.

Lap 256 More trouble for Martin. Pulled away in pit before left front was fully on.

Lap 253 Caution Flag: Edwards blows a tire, spins out. No. 27 the beneficiary.

Lap 251 Martin was a huge winner after restart, but dropping back to middle of pack quickly.

Lap 246 Green Flag: 20-18-11-48-29.

Lap 243 Kahne, Kenseth, Busch, Johnson among those taking pits.

Lap 240 Caution Flag: No. 83 spins out. No. 16 the beneficiary.

Lap 237 Logano still on the lead  Lap, but holding on by a thread after taking damage in the wreck.

Lap 233 There he is: Keselowski up to fifth.

Lap 224 New leader: Kenseth. Looking for that elusive first Martinsville win.

Lap 212 Teammates Kenseth, Busch working together in 2-3 position.

Lap 196 Green Flag: 48-18-20-24-29

Lap 196 Bowyer has to re-pit for uncontrolled tire violation.

Lap 185 Involved in wreck: 1-9-11-15-22-31-55-88-93

Lap 184 All three MWR cars were involved in wrecks on that caution.

Lap 183 Despite Busch flying by Johnson, JJ remains the leader as he was out in front at time of flag.

Lap 181 No. 99 the beneficiary.

Lap 180 Caution Flag: Ambrose into the side of Martin, Bowyer spins out.

Lap 179 Green Flag: No. 22, No. 11 restarting next to each other.

Lap 177 Casey Mears caught for speeding on pit road.

Lap 174 Busch moves up four spots in race off pit road.

Lap 171 Caution Flag: Some debris on the track. No. 14 the beneficiary.

Lap 160 Only two cars between Logano and Stewart. Just saying.

Lap 157 Almirola up to 17th from 32nd.

Lap 148Johnson just  Lapped Danica for the second time. Some other big names are close to being  Lapped as well.

Lap 142 Kenseth, with new team/manufacturer, is up to third. He admitted pre-race this isn't generally one of his better tracks.

Lap 137 Another quiet name today: Keselowski. Sits 11th right now, but can't ever count out the reigning champ.

Lap 136 This is now the 11th time Jimmie Johnson has led 100 Laps at Martinsville. That should give you a pretty good idea of his success here.

Lap 131 McMurray also impressing today. Been hanging around spots 5-10 consistently.

Lap 127 Montoya struggling mightily. Currently 37th.

Lap 126 Gordon back up to second behind Johnson.

Lap 124 Dale Jr. reporting he's too tight in the center of the corner.

Lap 123 Bowyer looking fantastic thus far today. Up 10 spots to fifth.

Lap 120 Ford has not won a race at Martinsville since 2002.

Lap 116 Haven't heard much from Logano today. Currently 15th after starting fourth.

Lap 105 All four Hendrick cars currently running in the top 10.

Lap 104 Johnson, Busch battling it out for first. JJ overtakes Busch for the lead once again.

Lap 97 Montoya to pit road. Left front tire blew.

Lap 91 Busch is looking for his first Martinsville victory.

Lap 89 New leader: Kyle Busch.

Lap 86 Danica still a  Lap down, but managed to pass -- guess who -- Stenhouse Jr.

Lap 83 Ambrose down to 16th after starting second.

Lap 77 Montoya up in the wall.

Lap 76 Green Flag: McMurray up to third after great pit stop.

Lap 74 Gordon had a spring rubber removed during pit stop.

Lap 73 Top five off pit road: 18-18-1-55-24.

Lap 72 Kahne the big winner on that restart -- up to fourth.

Lap 68 Caution Flag: Scott Speed stops on front straightaway. No. 42 the beneficiary.

Lap 65 Vickers loses his third-place spot to Busch.

Lap 59 Last week's winner Kyle Busch up to fourth.

Lap 55 Confirmed: No. 98, No. 44 -- OUT (brakes).

Lap 51 No. 44 to the garage.

Lap 49 If Gordon ends up winning, it'll be his first at Martinsville since 2005. He's a seven-time winner here.

Lap 47 Gordon moves up to second behind Hendrick teammate Johnson.

Lap 43 Johnson has a little bit of debris on front left area of grille.

Lap 42 Some slight bumping going on between Keselowski and Kyle Busch.

Lap 40 Johnson still leading after surrendering first  Lap to Ambrose then immediately taking it back.

Lap 37 Points leader Dale Earnhardt Jr. has moved up to seventh after starting 17th

Lap 32 No. 98 to the garage.

Lap 29 Kenseth sneaks ahead of Logano up to fourth.

Lap 23 Gordon up to third. Safe to say he's pretty experienced at Martinsville.

Lap 21 Green Flag: Back to the racing!

Lap 20 Johnson stayed out during caution.

Lap 18 Top five largely unchanged, as Johnson leads Ambrose, Vickers, Logano, and Gordon.

Lap 15 Caution Flag: Danica spins out. Video Highlights

Lap 14 Kahne trying to get down to bottom row, but nobody wants to let him in.

Lap 12 Cars running almost single file thus far.

Lap 11 Danica Watch: Up to 36th, still on the lead Lap.

Lap 7 Not much movement thus far. Don't hold your breath. It's early.

Lap 2 Johnson retakes lead quickly, Ambrose, Vickers, Logano, Kahne follow.

Lap 1 Ambrose leads the first Lap.

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